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Uni Clinch Crocodile инструменты


crocodile_sm The Crocodile Unit provides access to standing flanges on larger areas by mounting the Tog-L-Loc® tooling away from the drive cylinder. The unit also provides a more ergonomically correct manual positioning of the tool to the joint location on the work piece in certain conditions. This unit facilitates faster production through better vision of the joint location and ease of positioning.

  • Clinches a maximum total thickness of 2mm mild steel.
  • Requires only a single air line at 6.0 bars (87psi).
  • Requires no remote power source.
  • Improved versatility over UniClinch unit.
  • Joins close pitch standing flanges.



Typical Part Configurations Compatible With Crocodile Units

10sj  11sj  12sj  14sj  16sj  17sj  19sj  20sj  23sj  24sj       






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